The inspiring story of singer Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey was only 18 years old when she lost her hearing completely due to a bone disease. At first, she felt hopeless and discouraged, but eventually found the strength to move forward and pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

Learning to sing again

After losing her hearing, Mandy dedicated herself to learning how to sing again by feeling the vibrations of sound through her feet. Over time, she developed a unique technique to feel the music through her feet and jaw, which allowed her to tune her voice accurately.

Changing lives on America’s Got Talent

In 2017, Mandy appeared on the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent, where she stunned the audience and judges with her performance of her own song “Try”. Judge Simon Cowell praised her saying, “I not only have a great admiration for you, but a great respect for you.” Her performance took her to the final of the show, where she finished in fourth place.

Changing lives offstage

Since her appearance on America’s Got Talent, Mandy has used her platform to inspire others and has spoken openly about the importance of pushing forward despite life’s challenges. She has also worked closely with organizations supporting those with hearing disabilities and has spoken at conferences and events to share her story and motivate others.

A career on the rise

Mandy has released several albums and has toured around the world since her appearance on America’s Got Talent. Her music blends a variety of genres, including jazz and pop, and her lyrics reflect her personal experience and message of perseverance and hope.

In summary

Mandy Harvey’s story is an inspiring reminder that strength and perseverance can overcome any obstacle. Her talent and dedication have made it possible for her to pursue her passion for music and have inspired many people around the world. Her message is a reminder that we can all overcome life’s challenges if we hold onto our passions and persevere.

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