Daniel Cabrera, a Filipino boy who wanted to study

Daniel Cabrera, a 9-year-old Filipino boy, became famous in 2015 after a photo of him studying on the street using the light from a McDonald’s went viral on social media. The image captured the boy’s determination to overcome difficulties and continue studying despite unfavorable conditions.

Daniel’s difficult situation

Daniel lived with his mother and siblings in an improvised house in the city of Mandaue, on the island of Cebu. His mother worked long hours at a nearby market to support the family, and Daniel and his siblings often had to study on the street due to the lack of electricity in their home.

Media coverage of the story

Daniel’s story reached ABS-CBN television network, which sent a team to interview the boy and his family. Media coverage of the story helped raise awareness of Daniel’s situation and struggle to obtain an education.

After media coverage, McDonald’s Philippines learned about Daniel’s situation and decided to help. The company provided him with a scholarship to cover his school expenses, as well as a new bicycle so he could get to school more easily. They also gave him a Happy Meal and a McDonald’s uniform.

Fundraising campaign

In addition to McDonald’s help, many people joined together to help Daniel and his family. A fundraising campaign was started to help pay for his mother’s medical bills, as she had been ill. They also received donations of school supplies and other supplies they needed.

The impact of Daniel’s story

Thanks to McDonald’s and the community’s help, Daniel’s and his family’s lives improved significantly. The boy was able to continue studying, and his mother received the medical attention she needed. Daniel’s story is a reminder of the importance of education and how determination can overcome even the most difficult circumstances.

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