Boji, the dog from Istanbul

Boji is a stray dog that has won the hearts of many in Istanbul for his intelligence and determination. This street dog has learned to use public transportation in the city, and can often be seen boarding the metro or bus to go from one place to another. But Boji’s story goes beyond his ability to use public transport, and has aroused the empathy of many people who selflessly help this famous dog.

How Boji learned to use public transportation

Boji is a stray dog from the city of Istanbul, Turkey. It is believed that he was abandoned by his previous owner and has been wandering the streets since then. Despite his difficult situation, Boji has demonstrated great intelligence and resourcefulness to survive in the city.

He learned to use public transportation by observing passengers and drivers of buses, metro and ferries in Istanbul. Over time, he got used to getting on and off vehicles and waiting at stops with other passengers.

Boji has become an example of adaptability and how animals can learn to live in the city alongside humans.

The daily trips

Boji takes a daily trip on public transportation to reach his feeding area in a public park in Istanbul. The dog hops onto the metro and sits in an empty seat alongside other passengers. After a few minutes of travel, he arrives at his stop and disembarks to walk to the park. It’s estimated that he covers up to 30 km per day, passing through numerous metro stations and taking at least two ferry rides.

In the park, Boji is fed thanks to the help of neighbors and tourists who give him food and water. After eating, the dog returns to his travel routine, taking the metro back to his resting area on the streets of Istanbul.

The fame of Boji

Boji’s story has gone viral on social media, and many people have started following his daily travels on public transportation through photos and videos shared online. Even some passengers who regularly ride the same metro and buses as Boji have started taking photos and videos of the dog to share online.

Estambul has a program to help stray dogs by providing them with food and veterinary care. That’s why Boji, in particular, underwent a behavior study to ensure that human interaction was not a problem for him or those around him. Afterwards, he was fitted with an ear device and tracking collar. This way, municipal workers can monitor Boji from a distance using a mobile app. A shelter has even been built near the metro for him, where he is provided with food.

Boji’s story is a reminder of how animals can adapt and learn to live in urban environments. It is also a reminder of the importance of taking care of stray animals and the need for peaceful coexistence between humans and animals in cities.

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