Uber driver Latonya Young

Latonya Young is a single mother of three who works as an Uber driver in Atlanta to support her family. Despite having a strong desire to obtain a college degree, she could never afford it due to her financial situation.

The unexpected passenger

One day, Young picked up a passenger in her Uber who noticed her interest in education and asked her about her situation. After hearing her story, the passenger decided to pay for her college tuition and allow her to fulfill her dream of obtaining a degree.

The dream fulfillment

Thanks to the unexpected donation from the passenger, Young was able to enroll at Georgia State University and start her college career. In May 2019, she graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

The media attention

Young’s story and her generous passenger went viral on social media and caught the attention of national and international media. Her story has inspired many and brought attention to the importance of helping those who struggle to obtain higher education.

The passenger’s donation and the achievement of her college degree have left a lasting impact on the community and inspired many to pursue their dreams and help others in the process.

The help

Latonya Young’s story is an inspiration for those who seek to pursue their dreams despite financial difficulties. The generosity of the Uber passenger who paid for her college tuition and the achievement of her college degree have moved the world and inspired many to value education and help others. Her legacy is a reminder that we can all make a difference if we follow our passions and help each other in the process.

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